Paws Will Hit The Ground Running August 3rd–Orphans of the Storm®’s Pooch Parade Summer Fundraiser

By Jackie Borchew

It was seven years ago that the Levy family of Riverwoods (former Orphans adopters) had an idea for a fundraiser to benefit the local animal shelter, Orphans of the Storm®. The idea was to hold a dog walk. An event that could bring local dog-lovers together for an energizing morning walk and at the same time raise funds for a worthwhile cause.

The Levy family approached Orphans of the Storm® with the idea, worked out the details, gained the necessary permits, and a two-mile dog walk to benefit the shelter took off. It was a great idea that raised over $5,000 that first year.

Every year since, supporters have raised donations for the shelter’s work by printing out a pledge sheet on-line (the pledge sheet is available to download and print out at: and gathering donations from their family and friends towards their walking the 2-mile route with their own pooch in the Pooch Parade. Once the walker raises $100 they earn that year’s Pooch Parade T-shirt; once they hit $250 other prizes are earned. This year we’ve got a beautiful Trek bike courtesy of Deerfield Cyclery for the teen or pre-teen who raises the most pledges!

A new way to raise pledges this year

This year the addition of a fundraising site will make it easier than ever for anyone to join our cause, raise pledges and help the animals even more. When the walker goes to they are able to create their own personal fundraising page. They first set their fundraising goal (which the system then tracks and alerts them as every donation is made. The system even encourages the walker to write their own dog story and post their pet’s photos). The walker can share the personal page with friends and family through email or on Facebook to start the pledges coming in. The pledges arrive directly at Orphans of the Storm®; an email arrives letting us know who and how much was donated and a receipt is automatically generated and emailed to the donor.

The life-saving mission of Orphans of the Storm® is as valuable as ever for the thousands of stray and abandoned dogs and cats from throughout Lake and northern Cook Counties that arrive each year. Orphans is a rare place with a special mission that so many lives depend on.

Will you join us in support of this year’s Pooch Parade? Set up your own fundraising page at, or search the site for a page of a friend of yours who is planning to walk and make a surprise donation to them. Or come out with your pooch and join in the walk for a $25 registration fee. Every dollar raised will directly benefit the welfare and care of the animals at the shelter.

  • Orphans of the Storm Pooch Parade
  • Saturday, August 3 at 9am
  • Jaycee Memorial Park in Deerfield
  • $25 per dog to join in the two-mile walk through a shady neighborhood
  • Refreshments, raffle, lots of cool prizes and of course we’ll have some Orphans dogs on hand to meet!

A few of the pooches who will be looking for love at this year’s Pooch Parade include:

Sonny: Sonny had been adopted as a young pup but went missing five months ago. The adopter was never able to find his pup and ended up replacing Sonny with a new dog. Last week Sonny showed up at animal control in Delevan, Wisconsin. His chip led the control officers to contact the adopter, but the adopter was unable to take Sonny back in since he is only allowed one dog. That’s when Orphans stepped up, set up transportation and brought Sonny back to Riverwoods. What a nice big, but gentle dog! Rides in the car well and seems to have been treated right by someone during those five months. Sonny would make a wonderful addition to a family. He would especially enjoy a fenced-in yard to run and play with his new family.



Bailey: This beautiful Chocolate Lab/Pit Bull mixed gal is a total sweetheart. You may have seen her at the Big Dog Show’s adoption walk in July where she was handing out the kisses left and right. When her family went through an ugly divorce, she was given up to animal control. Lucky for her she ended up at Orphans of the Storm®, where she will have all the time it may take to find a new loving home. At 8 years young she has a long life ahead and lots of lovin’ to do. Please consider her.



Emilio: What a spunky guy! This five-year-old neutered male Jack Russell Terrier is as smart as they come. When his time was up we pulled him from another facility and he has been with Orphans since February. He arrived heartworm positive and has been through treatment and is now heartworm negative and ready to start his new life with a loving and active family. Emilio is great on a leash, loves car rides and especially loves to swim and play ball! Gets along great with all other dogs and people. Emilio is ready for a master to teach him tricks!

Emilio (right) and Sassy (left)

Emilio (right) and Sassy (left)

Sassy: There is nothing sassy about this girl. She is a spayed female Terrier mix. At six years old she was relinquished by her family because they had too many dogs. She is housebroken, leash trained, knows her commands and has been through agility training. She knows her jump targets. She was raised with small children and has never bitten or shown any aggression towards people or other dogs. She also gets along well with cats.

Half Pint: Half Pint’s kennelmates keep getting adopted. “Hey! What’s wrong with me?” Half Pint asks. “I love other dogs and I’m easy going, eager to please and ready to bond with anyone who will show me the attention I so deserve. Please consider getting to know me at least… You may fall in love.”

Half Pint

Half Pint

Guest Post: Adopting a Dog

Julie Harper joins us on the blog today to share some information on adopting a dog.

Sadly, in today’s throwaway society, all too often pets are bought or bred, played with and loved before being casually discarded like a pair of last season’s sneakers. Human nature means that some people take away and others live to give back. At Orphans of the Storm®, we work tirelessly to ensure that homeless pets are given a second chance. Adopting a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences, knowing you’re giving back so much and finding a new best friend at the same time. You’ll find every shape, size, color, and breed at our shelter—something for everyone. Check out our dog profiles page today.

Assessing Yourself

Dog lovers know the level of companionship and loyalty—not to mention the hours of fun—a dog can offer us, but what can we offer them? A careful, critical assessment of yourself is required before considering what type of dog to adopt. Your character should come under close observation first of all. Are you patient, forgiving, and generous? If you have a place in your heart for a dog, are you going to take the time to train him, being firm with commands but also realizing it takes time for a dog to settle into a new environment? Do you enjoy going for long walks; do you have the time? All are things you must consider. A dog is not a new toy but a living creature who will rely on you for everything. Can you offer a canine pet everything his heart desires?

It’s also important to think about your other commitments, such as work. For instance, will you be able to arrange for someone to come in and take care of your dog if you work full time? If not, it simply isn’t fair. You also have to honestly consider the other things you enjoy doing. While your dog can easily accompany you on day trips, if you are someone who enjoys frequent holidays you might need to give this some further thought. Kennels can be distressing for any dog, but particularly one that has had a difficult start in life. If you don’t want to take, say, a camping vacation or struggle to find accommodation that welcomes dogs, a pet sitter would be an ideal compromise. Dogs can travel in the cargo hold of a plane, but it isn’t going to be a pleasant experience for them; far nicer would be to take them on a pet-friendly cruise. With a little thought, a dog can fit happily into your life.

Your Home

A dog will be happy wherever you are happy. Spending time with their best friend is their number one goal. Ideally a garden or back yard at your abode is preferable, but plenty of dog lovers get by even when floor space is lacking. Again, considering your situation is important. Do you have expensive or vital equipment that a young dog or puppy might chew? Do you need to dog-proof your apartment?


Your relationships will have a huge effect on the type of dog suitable for your situation. If you live alone, you will have to take into account how much time you spend at home. Would you have to leave a dog for prolonged periods while out at work? If you have a large family, everyone’s temperaments and schedules should be taken into account. Some dogs are not suitable to be rehomed in a family with small children; others will just love them. Taking the time to teach your kids about pet care and respect towards man’s best friend can ensure everyone gets along just great! It might be a good idea to implement a day-to-day plan for a new family dog. Deciding who will feed him when and where as well as who will walk him will help your new pooch get to know and trust every family member while making the most of a full, fun-packed day.


Your existing pets’ characters need to be considered too. They are a part of the family, after all. If you already have a dog, they must be well socialized before considering another. Some pets become territorial when faced with a stranger. It might require a period of adjustment, but you must make sure that eventually an older pet will be friendly and welcoming to a new dog.

Which Dog?

Every different breed of dog will bend toward a certain characteristic. It’s important to read up on the type of dog you plan to adopt before taking one home. Certain dispositions will be more suitable for one situation or another. There may be a trait or behavioral complication that has to be overcome or trained out, but dogs learn quickly and just a little time and patience is all that is required.

Though not the solid rule, a lot of the dogs that are abandoned or homeless are mixed breeds or mutts. These types of dogs come in every size, color, and shape imaginable, and their temperaments and characteristics vary in the same way. Listen to the staff at the shelter; they will have spent time assessing the dog and know his strengths and weaknesses. Get to know the dog at the shelter: go to visit him a few times, taking all family members and existing pets with for the ride. Everyone should be 100% happy before you take a new pooch home.

Meeting a Dog

When meeting a dog for the first time, there are certain rules with regards to body language. These tips will help you with meeting a shelter dog as sometimes they have come from unknown or neglected backgrounds, or the stress from kennel life might be making them wary.

  • Allow the dog to approach you first
  • Let him sniff you uninterrupted
  • If a dog turns his back on you or attempts to run away, don’t force your attention on him; give him more time to get used to your smell and impression
  • When he’s ready to cuddle and play, he’ll let you know!

Taking Your Dog Home

When you’ve finally found your perfect pal, try not to get overexcited when taking him home. The first weeks should be about his comfort, letting him get to know you and his new routine. Showering your new dog with toys, bowls, beds, and blankets is for later on in the relationship. At first, you’ve all got to know that it’s going to work out. Keeping in touch with staff at the shelter is the best idea; they’ll want to know how your new dog is getting on as well as be able to offer you tips on how best to care for him. Remember: getting a dog is a long-term relationship, not a summer fling. Grow together, build a trust, and hours of fun are just waiting for you around the corner!

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Get a Bath

It was a warm and sunny day at Orphans of the Storm®, which can only mean one thing: bathtime! This week I was Craig’s assistant as we helped some of the dogs cool off. I was again pleasantly surprised by how well-behaved all of the pooches were. Maybe giving a dog a bath isn’t as hard as I originally thought!

Marge the one-year-old Border Collie mix is a real cutie. She seemed to be a little bit shy at first, and got a little nervous about all of the other dogs barking at her as we walked by on our way out, but she warmed up quickly. She also walked very nicely on the leash as we made our way around the shelter’s outdoor area, which is kind of surprising considering she’s still a puppy!

Marge Border Collie mix 1

Adorable little Marge

Marge has one of the cutest faces I’ve seen in a while. She’s also a little smaller than your average Border Collie, which makes her extra cute. She currently has a kennelmate, so she could go to a home with another dog, or would be happy to be the center of attention. Marge is calm and gentle, two great qualities for a companion to have. Don’t let Black Dog Syndrome stop you from adopting this wonderful pooch!

Marge Border Collie 2

Marge being a cutie

Bella the nine-year-old Boxer mix is a gentle giant. She’s one of the bigger dogs at the shelter right now, but she is an amazing walking buddy who doesn’t pull on the leash at all. Craig gave her a bath all by himself while I was walking Marge (so her fur is a little damp in these pictures), so that gives you an idea of just how well-behaved she is.

Bella Boxer mix 1

Bella being my buddy

Bella just wants to be someone’s buddy. She stuck close to my side while we were walking, and when I sat down at one of the picnic tables she sat down right next to me and put one of her paws in my lap. Bella also isn’t shy about giving doggy kisses. This good girl can’t wait to find her new furever home with a family she can shower with love and kisses!

Bella Boxer mix 2

Bella, post-bath

Lady the thirteen-year-old Shiba Inu/Labrador Retriever mix certainly doesn’t act like a senior citizen! The only hint of older age you’ll find is the bit of white fur on her face. Lady, like all of the other pooches I walked this week, does a great job walking on a leash. Since she is an older girl, though, she probably doesn’t need more than a couple casual strolls around the block every day.

Lady Shiba Inu Labrador Retriever 1

Lady’s sweet face

Lady is also a very good-looking dog. She has such an expressive face, you’ll be sure to fall in love with her at first sight. And once you get to know her sweet, gentle personality, that will just seal the deal! There aren’t too many Shiba Inu mixes that come in through Orphans of the Storm®, so if this is a breed that interests you, you should definitely come in soon! Lady is looking for a nice home in which to spend her golden years.

Lady Shiba Inu Labrador Retriever mix 2

Lady being a good walker

Mack the seven-year-old American Bulldog mix is a big sweetheart (and could also pass as Peggy‘s twin!). This poor pooch lost his home when his family had to move to an apartment that doesn’t allow dogs. This means, though, that Mack is a pro when it comes to being a family dog. He’s excellent when walking on the leash and is a calm dog who seems to get along with everybody.

Mack American Bulldog mix 1

Mack smiling for the camera

Mack is also a fan of cuddling. After we were both sitting in the grass and I had been petting him for a while, he rolled over for a belly rub. (I am a huge softy when it comes to belly rubs.) When we were done with the belly rub, Mack put his big face right up next to mine and covered me in doggy kisses. This sweet boy didn’t do anything wrong to wind up at the shelter; all he’s looking for is a new family who will be able to love him and keep him furever!

Mack American Bulldog mix 2

Mack is such a happy guy!

It was also bathtime for my buddies Reebok and Molly. I just can’t praise Reebok enough. He’s such a handsome dog with that fluffy fur, and is so affectionate once he gets to know you. He has calmed down considerably since the first time I took him out, and is now great on the leash and gets so proud of himself when he climbs over the agility bridge (always stopping at the top to lick my face, of course)! He gets along great with Molly, even though she sometimes tries to hog the front of their kennel when someone comes by to greet them. And a dog like Molly would make an active family very happy. She loves to run and play fetch (as seen in this video), already knows some basic commands, and is an incredibly smart girl who could learn even more tricks in a flash.

I also stopped by to see the Big Dog Show in downtown Highland Park. Orphans of the Storm® had their tent set up in Port Clinton Square, with a few familiar faces. Ty pulled his volunteer over to me as soon as he saw me and gave me lots of welcoming doggy kisses. Half Pint was making friends with all of the other dogs at the event. Bailey, who is probably a little sad because her sister Vienna just got adopted, was being as well-mannered as always and can’t wait for it to be her turn to find a furever home.

And in case you haven’t seen the Big Dog sculptures for yourself yet, below are some pictures from around Highland Park.

The paw prints leading the way on the sidewalk:

big dog show2

Information about the Big Dog Show:

big dog show1

One of the many statues along the street:

big dog show5

A big group of the statues in front of City Hall:

big dog show4

Doggy kisses!:

big dog show3

And don’t forget: the annual Pooch Parade is coming up quick on August 3! Have you started your online fundraising page yet?

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Who Found Their Forever Homes, Part VIII

If you visited the dogs at Orphans of the Storm® any time in the last few years, you probably met Rocky the Labrador Retriever mix (who just so happens to be featured on the banner image of this blog!). Rocky waited at the shelter for several years before he was finally discovered by his new furever family–and now, five months later, Rocky’s mom Arlene sent me a wonderful update and adorable pictures of Rocky!

“Just wanted to update you on Rocky (still Rocky) who came furever home with us in Feb. He is having fun everyday running around his big yard, rolling in the grass, chasing the squirrels and rabbits, and making friends with all the neighborhood dogs that visit the park directly behind his yard. After two weeks of doggy boot camp, he is learning to accept new friends visiting us while still being a good protector. He loves his doggy pool and enjoys his long walks or running while we bike in the woods. Rocky loves the sun and naps in the shade in the glider swing or hammock with his kids. He brings so much love and doggy kisses to each day and we can’t get enough of his beautiful smile!

“We thank everyone at Orphans, especially Craig, that helped us find our Rocky. We went to several other shelters and no other facility was so warm and welcoming and everyone was so friendly and really seemed to care about the pets. We knew when we arrived there that this was the place we would find our dog! We will be coming back to Orphans when Rocky is more settled and is ready for his own furry friend.”

Rocky with his new siblings:


Rocky in his pool:


Rocky, white and blue!:


Rocky in the grass:


Rocky waiting for the squirrels:


If that isn’t one happy pooch, I don’t know what is! Thank you, Arlene, for keeping us updated and sharing these great photos! (And tell Rocky I say hi!)

If you have an Orphans of the Storm® success story that you’d like to share on the blog, please email

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs on a Summer Day

It was a hot, sunny, busy day at Orphans of the Storm®, and some of the long-timers were lucky enough to cool off and clean up with a nice bath from a couple other volunteers. (I looked on, impressed, since the one time my family tried to give our dog a bath ourselves it didn’t go so well.) Emerald, Corky, Diamond, and a few others all seemed to enjoy the extra attention and the nice-smelling shampoo. Diamond was especially well-behaved, so if you’re the lucky one to bring her home, you could try giving her a bath yourself!

Emilio the five-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix is a pooch I’ve been meaning to walk for a long time, because he is just so cute and so friendly! Seeing his itty-bitty tail wag puts an instant smile on your face. It may have been because of the heat, but it seemed to me that Emilio was a little calmer than the average JRT. When we were on our walk, he was just casually sniffing and strolling along, rather than running from place to place.

Emilio Jack Russell Terrier mix 2

Emilio coming over for a nice pat on the back

Emilio is definitely a cuddler. While we were hanging out in the shade, he pressed himself right up against my leg and enjoyed the snuggles while also keeping an eye on what else was happening around us. Since he’s small enough to fit in your lap, he’d probably happily curl up with you on the couch! He also has a fun side, though; he found a nice spot of grass to roll around in and kick up his little paws. Emilio gets along well with other dogs and currently has a kennelmate (see below), so he can go to a home with or without other dogs. This lovable guy is ready for a new family, so come in soon to meet Emilio!

Emilio Jack Russell Terrier mix 1

Emilio rolling happily in the cool grass

Sassy the six-year-old Terrier mix is Emilio’s kennelmate (so she could also go to a home with or without a doggy friend), but has more of that typical Terrier personality that you’d expect. The heat wasn’t slowing her down as she trotted from bush to bush, and she kept turning around to look at Emilio and me, wondering why we were being so sluggish by comparison.

Sassy Terrier mix 1

Sassy with her ears down

Sassy liked getting her hips scratched and would do a little wiggle so I got to the right place, and although she’s a little short, she enjoyed giving doggy hugs. Sassy is also super cute. She has big ears that either lay flat on her head or perk straight up towards the sky depending on what she’s doing. When she’s hot on the trail, her ears are back; when she’s looking up at you expectantly, her ears are up. This playful little girl can’t wait to find a playmate to call her own!

Sassy Terrier mix 2

And Sassy with her ears up!

Patriot the four-year-old black Labrador Retriever mix is what I like to call a “big dog lap dog,” which to me means that he knows he can’t actually fit in your lap, but will stand over you while you’re sitting down with his tummy resting on your legs. I have no idea if this is comfortable or not, but Patriot seems to think so because that’s what he did with me after we found a shady spot to relax.

Patriot Labrador Retriever mix 1

Patriot being a happy boy

Although Patriot would sometimes get little bursts of energy and want to run forward, overall he was a calm, gentle dog who was always ready with a doggy grin. He especially liked getting the top of his head and his chin scratched, and when he wasn’t trying to stand on top of my lap, he was standing right by my side like the loyal friend Labs are known to be. There are a good number of Labs at the shelter right now, and Patriot would make an excellent choice!

Patriot Labrador Retriever mix 2

Patriot giving his best smile for the camera

Shadow the six-year-old black Labrador Retriever mix would make the perfect companion dog. He’s a little shy and nervous in his new surroundings at the shelter, but after we had walked around for a little bit and got to know each other, he warmed up and became the perfect walking buddy. He is incredibly gentle and only pulled on the leash when he wasn’t so sure about going back inside his kennel, understandably.

Shadow Labrador Retriever mix 1

Shadow being the best walking buddy

Shadow is pretty new to the shelter, but he’s already a volunteer favorite because he’s just such a sweetheart. Like Patriot, he appreciates a nice scratch on the head and will stay close to you both when you’re walking and when you’re just lounging around. Although the most loyal Shadow ever was a Golden Retriever, this Shadow will come in a close second. If you’re looking for a calmer Lab, come in soon to meet Shadow!

Shadow Labrador Retriever mix 2

Shadow’s handsome face

Since I was clearly on a Black Lab kick, I met up with my pal Dino from last week. He was his same fun, happy, affectionate self and, unlike Patriot who realizes he’s too big, Dino actually tried to climb into my lap and covered my face with doggy kisses. He was the one dog I took out who didn’t seem to mind the heat one bit. Dino is definitely much more active than both Patriot and Shadow, so if you’re looking for a Lab who will do all sorts of fun outdoorsy activities with you, Dino could very well be the pooch for you.

I hadn’t checked in with my favorite Lilly for a few weeks, so I took her and her kennelmate Midnight to the off-leash run so they could stretch their legs. Both of them seemed to be more interested in finding a shady place to relax under the bushes, but every few minutes they would both come running back to me to get an affirming scratch behind the ears. Below is a new picture of Midnight lounging at my feet, because how could I not post a picture of that precious face?

Midnight Labrador Retriever mix 3

An updated picture of Midnight, just because he looked so cute

Kennelmates Frankie and Bailey both got to enjoy some fun in the sun, too!

I also said a couple of weeks ago that I would keep you updated on the Big Dog Show in downtown Highland Park. Many of Orphans of the Storm®’s residents will be there this Saturday, July 13, from 11am-2pm. I highly recommend you check out both the dog statues and the real things!

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Brighten a Cloudy Day

When I visited Orphans of the Storm® this week, the first dog to greet me in the lobby was Riley the one-year-old Heeler mix, one of the newer residents of the shelter. Although I didn’t get a picture, I can tell you that this little girl is both adorable and affectionate. She curled her head right into my lap and just wanted to snuggle, even though I was a complete stranger to her! She was a great start to a great afternoon at the shelter.

Sandi the seven-year-old Labrador Retriever/Mountain Cur mix is an extremely patient dog, because she puts up with the antics of her puppy kennelmate (see below) with no complaints. This is definitely a dog-friendly–and, of course, people-friendly–pooch. Her calm demeanor means that she can get along with just about anybody.

Sandi Labrador Retriever Mountain Cur mix 1

Sandi sniffing

Sandi enjoyed following her nose around the off-leash run, but came hurrying over and put her front paws in my lap when she noticed I was down on her level. She appreciates a nice scratch behind the ears and walks well on a leash. If you’re looking for a calmer, middle-aged dog, Sandi might be just the one for you!

Sandi Labrador Retriever Mountain Cur mix 2

Sandi being a little camera shy

Clyde the one-year-old Hound mix is a little cutie patootie (and the puppy who kept jumping all over poor Sandi). He probably isn’t going to get much bigger than he currently is, which means he’s the perfect medium size–small enough to pick up if need be, but big enough to do all sorts of fun activities. Clyde still has that puppy energy, and being a Hound mix, he’ll probably be a pretty active adult dog who will enjoy going on long walks and following trails.

Clyde Hound mix 1

Clyde following his Hound nose

Clyde is the type of dog who wants to say hello to everybody. Whether it’s another dog or a person, Clyde will be there to greet them with a wagging tail. Another volunteer scooped him up and carried him around for a little while, and Clyde seemed perfectly content to rest in his arms–but once he was back on the ground, he was also perfectly content to run around and play. If you’re thinking about adding a puppy to your life, consider Clyde!

Clyde Hound mix 2

Clyde being a complete cutie

Dino the three-year-old Labrador Retriever/Shepherd mix is such a good boy. When I first took him to the off-leash run, he seemed to be much more interested in exploring all the sights and smells than paying attention to me (which is often the case, so again, I highly recommend letting the dog you’re meeting run around for a bit before you try to really get to know them). Once he settled down, though, he was attached to my side.

Dino Labrador Retriever Shepherd mix 2

Dino’s happy face

Dino loves to give doggy hugs. I ended up with muddy paw prints on my shirt, but I didn’t mind, because Dino loves to receive hugs just as much as he loves to give them. What a snuggly guy! Dino also decided that sitting between my feet was the best place for him to scope out all of the activity that was happening on the other side of the fence–clear view, with the advantage of getting a nice scratch on the head at the same time. Dino will make one loyal friend to one lucky family!

Dino Labrador Retriever Shepherd mix 1

Dino investigating a bush

DixieBaker the five-year-old Labrador Retriever/Shepherd mix is not quite ready to go home yet, but once she is, you’ll be fighting over her with the staff and volunteers! Everybody just loves this gentle, laidback girl. She will make an excellent walking buddy because she doesn’t pull on the leash at all and walks at a casual strolling pace.

DixieBaker Labrador Retriever Shepherd mix 1

DixieBaker smiling for the camera

Once DixieBaker gets to know you a little better (and I mean just a few short minutes of interacting), she opens up a little more and shows her affectionate side. She likes to both give and get kisses. It’s easy to see why this pretty girl has stolen the hearts of so many! If you think DixieBaker might be the pooch for you, keep an eye out at the shelter for when she’ll be ready to go to her forever home.

DixieBaker Labrador Retriever Shepherd mix 2

DixieBaker looking for her favorite volunteers and staff

Betty the five-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever mix was looking a little confused and forlorn inside her kennel, like she didn’t understand what she had done to end up there, so I thought she could use some quality one-on-one time to lift her spirits. And it worked! Although Betty was a little on the shy side when we first started our walk, by the end we were good buddies.

Betty Labrador Retriever mix 1

Betty’s pretty face

Betty is another calm, gentle dog who would make a great walking companion. And everyone in your neighborhood will stop and say how absolutely adorable her face is (that’s what happened when we were on our walk). When I would kneel down and pet her, Betty would stick her nose in my face so we could get better acquainted. Labs don’t stay at the shelter for long, so come in soon to meet Betty!

Betty Labrador Retriever mix 2

Betty enjoying her walk in the grass

Star the thirteen-year-old Rottweiler mix is looking for an extra-special home. When she first arrived at Orphans of the Storm®, she had a big lump on her shoulder. The lump was removed, and it turned out to be cancerous. Star’s motto seems to be, “So what? I still have plenty of love to offer!” and she hopes that a very loving person will take her up on that offer and give this sweet, older girl a nice home.

Star Rottweiler mix 2

Star saying, “I’m ready for my close-up!”

Since Star is definitely a senior dog, she doesn’t need too much activity. She meandered around the off-leash run but wasn’t too interested in playing fetch. She was more interested in getting a nice pat on the back or scratch under her chin. If you have more of a low-key lifestyle and are looking for a companion dog who will lay by your feet (or join you on the couch), Star could be just the dog for you. Please contact the shelter for more information on her health history.

Star Rottweiler mix 1

Star considering playing with a toy

So many pooches to choose from! Who will be your new best friend?