Orphans of the Storm® Dogs at the Pooch Parade

A giant THANK YOU is in order for everyone who either participated in or donated to this year’s Pooch Parade last weekend! The Pooch Parade raised $7,000! Wow!

Orphans of the Storm Pooch Parade 1

The Pooch Parade Welcome Banner

It was a gorgeous morning for a 2-mile walk around Deerfield. Dogs of all shapes and sizes came out to meet new doggy friends, and a few Orphans of the Storm® dogs were there in their donation vests, looking for their new forever home. This post will be more photo-centric, so here are the adoptable dogs who were at the parade:

Pokey Bichon Frise

Pokey, a 4-year-old male Bichon Frise mix

Cha Cha Golden Retriever

Cha Cha, a 10-year-old male Golden Retriever mix

Dustin Black Labrador Retriever Mix

Dustin, a 10-year-old male Labrador Retriever mix (barking hello to the other dogs)

Another adoptable dog is Buddy. If you’ve been following the shelter’s Facebook page, you already know Buddy’s story. Buddy was one of the lucky dogs who benefited from the Tyler Fund and was sent to doggy obedience class, where he graduated with honors. He went straight into his new home. Unfortunately, with times being as hard as they are, Buddy’s new family can’t keep him anymore. So, Buddy is looking for his NEW new home ASAP so he doesn’t have to return to Orphans of the Storm®. He is a happy, happy dog who loves people and other dogs. All he wanted to do at the Pooch Parade was say hello to everyone who came by! He even gave me some doggy kisses. Since he graduated from obedience class, he definitely knows his commands and is eager to learn more. If you or someone you know is looking for a well-trained dog, contact the shelter to meet Buddy!

Buddy Pooch Parade

Buddy at the Pooch Parade

Speaking of dogs I’ve written about here on Meet the Pooches, I was keeping an eye open for anybody who looked familiar. And I found someone! Back in January, when I did my Call for Interviewees, Rebecca was my first volunteer to tell me about her happy adoption stories. Her family adopted both a cat and a dog from Orphans of the Storm®, and Chloe was proudly marching in the Pooch Parade! I stopped and said hello, happy that I got to meet her in person.

Chloe Pooch Parade

Chloe in her cute little dress

Below are some more pictures from the event. Thank you again to everyone who was there!

Orphans of the Storm Pooch Parade 10

Some of the many raffle prizes

Orphans of the Storm Pooch Parade 2

Participants lined up to turn in their pledge sheets

Orphans of the Storm Pooch Parade 3

People and dogs gathering before the parade

Orphans of the Storm Pooch Parade 4

More people! More dogs!

Orphans of the Storm Pooch Parade 5

The participants at the starting line

Orphans of the Storm Pooch Parade 6

And they’re off!

Orphans of the Storm Pooch Parade 7

There were over 50 dogs in the Pooch Parade!

Orphans of the Storm Pooch Parade 8

On our way down the street

Orphans of the Storm Pooch Parade 9

Walking in front of the Orphans of the Storm® sign

See you at the Pooch Parade next year!

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Wow in Highland Park

On this gorgeous Sunday afternoon, Orphans of the Storm® dogs were attracting people of all ages to come visit their booth in downtown Highland Park. There were plenty of dogs–and three kittens!–for potential adopters to meet. Two different families seemed very interested in adopting while I was there–so let’s keep our fingers crossed that all of these dogs find their new forever homes soon!

Orphans of the Storm tent Highland Park

Look at the crowd getting to know the cats and dogs of Orphans of the Storm®!

The first dog I saw when I arrived was Colt, a handsome three-year-old black Labrador Retriever/Shepherd mix. What a lovebug! He was ready to cover my face and hands in doggy kisses as soon as I walked up. When I knelt down to his level, he put his front paws in my lap so he could snuggle. Colt currently has a kennelmate (who I’ll talk about a little later), and he’s a very friendly guy, so he would do well in a home with another dog. Or he would be happy to be the center of your attention!

Colt Black Labrador Retriever/Shepherd mix

Colt cooling off by the wading pool

Next was Lady, a six-year-old American Bulldog mix. Lady is also very affectionate and gave me some kisses when I came to  say hello. She already knows some basic commands (one volunteer walked by with a treat for a different dog, but Lady sat right down and of course she had to get the treat for being such a good girl!) and would be happy to learn more. She was friendly with all of the dogs and people at the event, so she too could go to a home with another dog. The volunteers all told me what a sweet, lovable girl she is. If you’re looking for an older dog, Lady might be the one for you!

Lady American Bulldog mix

Lady, ready for her closeup

I also spent some time with Suki, a seven-year-old Rat Terrier mix. Suki was probably the calmest dog at the event, but still enjoyed getting attention from the volunteers and visitors. She’s a cute little dog with a cute little tail that was wagging almost all the time. Suki was doing a very good job of selling herself to a family that was at the event. The two sons were using some pretty good persuasion skills on their parents (including the ever-popular “But look at that face!!!”). We’ll have to wait and see how it turned out!

Suki Rat Terrier mix

Suki in the middle of a group of volunteers

Another small dog at the event was Jelly Bean, a six-year-old Brussels Griffon mix. That’s not the most common breed you see in a shelter, but Jelly Bean is quite the cutie! A little Yorkie walked by, and since it was about the same size as Jelly Bean, the two of them had a great time together. It’s hard to resist a face like Jelly Bean’s. It’s also very hard to stop petting her, because that fur is so soft! It will probably be even softer after she gets a nice bath. You’ll want to cuddle with her all day.

Jelly Bean Brusses Griffon mix

Jelly Bean being a cutie

Colt’s kennelmate Roo was also working the crowd. Roo is a six-month-old Husky mix–just a little puppy who would benefit from being adopted soon. He has one of the cutest faces I’ve ever seen, and very expressive ears. He’s already learning how to sit on command, though he sometimes gets excited by the treat and jumps up. Who can blame him? But he’s a smart guy who will learn quickly. If your family is looking for a puppy to bring home, visit Roo at the shelter.

Roo Husky mix

Roo showing off his sitting skills

Another puppy I met today was Jackie O. She just arrived at Orphans of the Storm® yesterday, so she isn’t even on the website yet! Jackie O is a nine-month-old black Labrador Retriever mix–but she’s very petite. Her body seems to fit her paws, so she probably isn’t going to grow much bigger than her current size, if at all. She’ll be able to fit in your lap with no problem! This sweet girl will bond quickly with whoever is lucky enough to adopt her. She was already bonding with the two volunteers who were taking care of her today, so it’s clear that she will make a loyal and devoted pet, as Labs are known to be.

Jackie O Black Labrador Retriever mix

Jackie O enjoying her seat on the bench

And last, but certainly not least, is my old friend Clay, the two-year-old Chihuahua mix. All this guy wants to do is play with other dogs! Every time one of his shelter friends came by, he would go into a play bow. When other dogs would walk by on the sidewalk, Clay would bark excitedly. You can read more about Clay in my earlier post from when I met him at the shelter–but if you’re looking for a playful four-legged friend, Clay is a good choice!

Clay Chihuahua mix Highland Park

Clay loves getting his back scratched

Also, don’t forget that kitten season is in full swing! There were three adorable kittens in Highland Park also, and there are more waiting at the shelter. If you’re looking for an older cat, don’t worry–Orphans of the Storm® has plenty!

Orphans of the Storm kittens Highland Park

The three adorable kittens waiting for their forever home

Three upcoming event reminders:

  1. Wine, Bark & Meow Part IIThursday, August 9 from 6:30pm-8:30pm. The first wine tasting event at Cellar Gate in Highwood was such a success, we’re having another! This week’s will feature Mediterranean wines. Cost: $25/person
  2. Dog Cooling Station at the Glen Town Art FairSaturday, August 11 and Sunday, August 12, all day. If you’re thinking about attending the Glen Town Art Fair in Glenview, and thinking about bringing your dog, the cooling station will be there so your dogs can have a nice drink and splash in a wading pool. Adoption information will be provided. Cost: free!
  3. Pooch Parade 2012Saturday, August 18 at 9am. Help raise money for Orphans of the Storm® and show off your pooch during the 2-mile charity walk at Jaycee Memorial Park in Deerfield. Prizes will be available! Cost: $20 donation per dog

We hope to see you around!