Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Have a Snow Day

The dogs at Orphans of the Storm® are being adopted faster than I can write about them, but there are still plenty of pooches waiting for their new home! Meet two lovely Labs who can’t wait to spend the holidays with you:

Shiloh the two-year-old black Labrador Retriever mix is quite the cutie. She was a little shy and nervous when I first took her out of her kennel, but boy did she perk up as soon as we got to the off-leash run! She was off and scampering through the snow, moving so quickly that half of the pictures I took were just of the snow with a black blur in the corner. This is one pooch who definitely would love to have a backyard to call her own.

Shiloh Black Labrador Retriever mix 1

Shiloh the snow dog

Shiloh is a very friendly girl who could go to a home with or without another dog. She is currently sharing her kennel with Benny (who almost got ran over a couple of times because Shiloh was going so fast!). If she saw me petting Benny, she would hurry over to get her fair share of loving, too. Shiloh is ready to be found by her forever family. Could that be you?

Shiloh Black Labrador Retriever mix 2

Shiloh knows how to pose for the camera

Harry the five-year-old black Labrador Retriever mix is super sweet. He walked nicely on the way to the off-leash run and enjoyed sticking his nose into the snow piles to find some interesting scents. Harry is currently sharing his kennel with Tilly (poor Tilly–all of her kennelmates keep getting adopted, and she keeps getting passed over! Why is this??), and he was friendly with a few other dogs we saw while we were out, so he’s another pooch who could go to a home with or without another dog.

Harry Black Labrador Retriever mix 1

Harry greeting the dogs in the other run

Harry is also a snuggler. He put his paws in my lap while we were out and gave me a quick doggy kiss before going back to play in the snow. I also saw Harry when I stopped by the Holiday Pet Showcase at Northbrook Court yesterday, and he greeted me with a wagging tail and sat very nicely when strangers came over to say hello. I say this all the time, but it’s certainly worth repeating: a Lab is a Lab is a Lab, regardless of its fur color, so don’t let Black Dog Syndrome get you down when there’s a lovable dog like Harry waiting for his new home! Come in soon to meet him.

Harry Black Labrador Retriever mix 2

Harry the handsome doggy

Rosco, Wilbur, Diamond, Sonny, Jade, and Melvin all enjoyed romping in the snow as well!

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Who Can Handle the Cold

Winter is certainly upon us, but there are plenty of dogs at Orphans of the Storm® who are more than happy to romp around outside, even when it’s cold!

Flappy the five-year-old Bloodhound mix is just precious. I admit that I could not stop squee-ing the entire time I was with her because I love everything about her, and after I left the shelter I would talk about her to anyone who would listen. Flappy has that sweet Bloodhound look with the droopy eyes, floppy face, and flappy (of course) ears. She was a good walking buddy, though if her nose picks up a trail it’s pretty certain that she’ll follow it.

Flappy Bloodhound mix 1

Flappy is too cute (even with a little drool…)

Flappy is one of the few hounds I’ve met who loves to play fetch, and is very good at it! She was sniffing around the off-leash run and emerged from the bushes with a tennis ball in her mouth, which she promptly dropped at my feet. She loved running after the ball and always brought it right back to me. When we were done playing fetch, I knelt down next to her and she put her front paws in my lap and gave my nose a doggy kiss. What a fun, sweet, good-natured dog! Stop by the shelter soon to meet Flappy.

Flappy Bloodhound mix 2

Flappy following her nose

Mack the one-year-old Weimaranar/Doberman Pinscher mix (not to be confused with the other Mack) is still very much a puppy, although he is a big puppy. He is full of energy and thinks that everything is a game, which should make training him lots of fun! It seems that nobody has tried to teach Mack his doggy manners yet, so he does like to play tug-of-war with the leash and was nibbling on my gloves and jacket sleeves a bit–but who can blame him?

Mack Weimaraner Doberman Pinscher mix 1

Mack seems to know he’s a good-looking dog

Mack seemed to do pretty well with Sonny, who was on the other side of the fence, though his exuberance might be a bit much for some dogs. He understood the concept of chasing after a tennis ball, but hasn’t quite grasped that he has to bring it back in order for it to be thrown again. Mack did settle down eventually, where he very nicely sat next to me while I pet him, and gave me a few doggy kisses. Mack would be so happy to have a home of his own where he can go on daily walks and have daily playtime. If you’re looking for a big puppy to bring laughter to your life, come in soon to meet Mack!

Mack Weimaraner Doberman Pinscher mix 2

Mack saying hi to his new buddy, Sonny

Frosty the eight-year-old Husky mix is probably the dog best suited for this type of weather. Not only does she have a warm, fluffy coat, but she’ll even blend in with the snow! Her eyes are such a pale blue that even they look white. Frosty was snoozing in her kennel when I came by, but she perked up and went outside as soon as she realized she was going for a walk. She did a great job on the leash as we made our way to the run.

Frosty Husky mix 1

Frosty is a pretty girl

Frosty is, overall, a very sweet and gentle dog. Since she’s on the older side, she doesn’t seem like she needs as much exercise and activity as younger Husky mixes. She meandered around the run, sniffing here and there, stopping for a pat on the back when she’d pass me. As she got more used to me, she gave me a couple doggy kisses and enjoyed being scratched on the neck. Frosty isn’t asking for much–just a nice home for the holidays. Could that home be with you?

Frosty Husky mix 2

Frosty wondering where the snow is

On this frigid day, I also spent time with Molly (who greeted me with a big doggy hug), the other Molly (who covered my face in doggy kisses as I tried to put on her leash), Trixie (who loves tennis balls just as much as before), Akiva (who wants a yard of her own so she can romp in the snow to her heart’s content), Topaz (who happily joined me on the bench and kept a paw in my lap), and Lily (who didn’t show any signs of her initial shyness now that she knows me).

The Holiday Pet Showcase is still going strong at Northbrook Court, all the way until Christmas Eve! Be sure to stop in and say hi to the adoptable dogs and cats while you finish up your holiday shopping.