Orphans of the Storm® Dogs with Brown and Black Fur

Perhaps it wasn’t the warmest or sunniest Memorial Day weekend, but the dogs at Orphans of the Storm® didn’t seem to mind much! Since it was a quiet day at the shelter, the pooches and I got to spend some quality time exploring and playing in the off-leash run.

Giorgio the 10-year-old Rottweiler mix is a giant sweetheart. He may look a little big and intimidating, but don’t be fooled by looks alone! Behind that brawn is a lovable dog whose short, little Rottweiler tail wags constantly. You may think that a dog the size of Giorgio would be the one walking you, but that is not the case. Giorgio is an excellent walking buddy who didn’t pull on the leash at all while we were out.

Giorgio Rottweiler mix 1

Giorgio and his cute little tail

Since Giorgio is an older gentleman, he probably doesn’t require as much exercise and playtime as a younger Rottweiler would. A nice walk around the neighborhood would be much appreciated, and then Giorgio will be happy to snuggle with you. That big face of his is just impossible to resist. Giorgio also seems to get along with other dogs–Roxie was in the off-leash run next to ours and was barking right in his face, but Giorgio just kept sniffing the grass and wagging that tail! If you’re looking for a big, lovable, older dog, come in soon to meet Giorgio!

Giorgio Rottweiler mix 2

Giorgio enjoying the outdoors

Gizmo the two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix is another dog whose tail just can’t stop wagging. This guy is smaller than the average Pit mix and has the cutest brindle markings on his mostly-white fur. Gizmo is also a hero! He donated blood at an animal shelter and saved another dog’s life! How many dogs get to have that on their resume?

Gizmo Pit Bull Terrier mix 1

Gizmo moving too fast for a non-blurry picture

Gizmo is absolutely a people-dog. All he wants is to be close to someone. He sometimes jumps up to give a doggy hug, and also joined me on the bench when I took a seat. He even climbed up to the top of one of the picnic tables to get face-to-face and snuggle some more. What a little lovebug! Gizmo is ready to join a family who will love him just as much as he will love them.

Gizmo Pit Bull Terrier mix 2

Gizmo’s cute patch over his eye

Jade the four-year-old Hound mix unfortunately doesn’t do such a great job of selling herself when she’s inside her kennel. But who can blame her? I’m sure I would be nervous if I were in her position. As soon as she was on a leash and out in the grass, though, she was a friendly girl who just wanted a chance to stretch her legs and play with someone. You can’t always judge a dog by how it acts inside its kennel–that’s not the environment it will be in when it joins your family!

Jade Hound mix 1

Jade’s sweet face

Jade, being a Hound mix, loved being outside. She was even pretty good at playing fetch! (She and Eever are, I think, the only Hounds I have ever met who play fetch.) Jade is one of those talented dogs who can play fetch with herself by throwing the ball into the air with her mouth. She prefers to play with a human companion, though, since a person can throw the ball farther than she can. If you give Jade a chance, she will show you what a wonderful companion she can be!

Jade Hound mix 2

Jade saying, “I thought we were playing fetch!”

There was also a barbecue happening for Memorial Day while I was at the shelter, and Freckles and Buckeye were the hosts. I love, love, love, love, LOVE these two. I can’t say enough good things about them. They get to go to almost all of the off-site events because they are so well-behaved and friendly with everyone. If you have space in your heart and your home, adopt this pair!

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Have Fun in the Sun

What a gorgeous day it was when I went to Orphans of the Storm® this week! The dogs all loved being out in the nice weather, though some of them found some shade to settle in after we had been out for a while. We all have to get used to this heat again, after such a long winter!

Meeko the two-year-old Chihuahua mix is a fun little guy who gets along with everybody. He’s more than happy to be scooped up and carried around, and will give your chin a few doggy kisses while you’re at it. Meeko also has the ability to make friends with dogs of all sizes. His kennelmate, Lilly, towers over him, but Meeko tries to keep up with her as best he can. (Side note: What is Lilly still doing at the shelter?? She’s one of my favorites!)

Meeko Chihuahua mix 2

Happy little Meeko

Although Meeko is a champion snuggler, he also likes to have the opportunity to run around like any other dog. Don’t plan on keeping Meeko tucked in your purse! He likes to keep those little legs moving and approaches everything with a wagging tail. That’s a great personality trait to have! If you’re looking for a little dog with a big heart, come in soon to meet Meeko!

Meeko Chihuahua mix 1

Meeko romping in the grass

Carson the three-year-old Boxer mix is one of the most affectionate dogs I’ve met at the shelter. He loves to jump up to give doggy hugs and doggy kisses (but if you say “off” he will listen). When I was kneeling to get a good picture, Carson put his paw on my shoulder like we were already the best of friends. What a loyal companion he will be!

Carson Boxer mix 2

Carson giving me his signature doggy hug

Carson is also a very handsome dog. He might be mixed with some Lab or Shepherd, since his fur is a bit fluffier than the usual boxer, but it’s impossible to resist that Boxer face of his. Carson gets along with people and dogs alike. He currently has a kennelmate (see below) and seemed to get along with another dog that was in the run next to ours, too. Carson is more than ready to join a new forever family!

Carson Boxer mix 1

Carson getting some exercise

Kelly the three-year-old Labrador Retriever mix has the typical Lab personality that makes them the most popular dog breed in America. She’s friendly, energetic, playful, and lovable. Kelly is currently Carson’s kennelmate, and they’ve already become fast friends who stuck close to each other while we were inside the run. Kelly is a big girl who can be pretty strong when she first gets out of her kennel, but she was a better walking buddy after she had burned off some of her energy.

Kelly Labrador Retriever mix 2

Kelly smiling for the camera

Kelly is first and foremost a companion dog. When I sat down on the bench to get some shade myself, Kelly hopped up next to me and put her front paws in my lap, then gave me lots of doggy kisses. When I stood up and walked to the other side of the run, Kelly followed. This beautiful girl can’t wait to have a loving family to call her own. If you think a Lab might be the breed for you, stop by the shelter and get to know Kelly!

Kelly Labrador Retriever mix 1

Kelly playing with another dog in the other run

As has become a custom these last few weeks, I spent some more time with Molly and Reebok. Molly still has that perfect fetch form, and Reebok still loves to get a nice scratch on his back. I also said hello to Diamond, who was out enjoying the nice weather too. Freckles and Buckeye were returning from an offsite event while I was there, so of course I had to give them a few nice pats too. There are so many wonderful dogs to choose from at Orphans of the Storm®! Which lucky pooch will be your new family  member?

Orphans of the Storm® Black and White Dogs

Two of the dogs I met this week at Orphans of the Storm® have since been adopted, but there are still plenty more who are ready and waiting for their new forever home!

Rafiki the four-year-old Chihuahua mix kind of looks like his namesake, with his scruffier fur (he seems to be somewhere between a short-haired and long-haired). He also is more black-and-brown than black-and-white, but I think he’s got a little bit of white on him! Rafiki was sharing his kennel with another Chihuahua (one of the two I met this week who has already been adopted), and they seemed to get along pretty well, so Rafiki could go to a home with or without another dog.

Rafiki Chihuahua mix 2

Rafiki’s cute little face

Rafiki is a friendly little guy who enjoys going for walks. He led the way as soon as he was out of his kennel and liked to see what was going on with the other people and dogs who were outside with us. Rafiki especially liked getting scratched on his itty-bitty back, close to his tail, and would prance right over and say hello whenever I knelt down to his level. If you’re looking for a little dog, come in soon to meet Rafiki!

Rafiki Chihuahua mix 1

Rafiki leading the way on our walk

Wags the four-year-old Border Collie mix sure has an appropriate name. The first time I saw him inside his kennel, his entire back half was wiggling because his tail was wagging so much. What a happy, handsome pooch! Wags was excited to have a chance to romp around in the off-leash run, but would come hurrying back to me for a nice pat on the head every so often.

Wags Border Collie mix 1

Is Wags a handsome boy or what?

Wags, being part Border Collie, would probably do best in an active home that can keep him stimulated. Border Collies are one of the smartest breeds out there, so Wags should be able to easily pick up any tricks you want to teach him, and will be an enthusiastic learner. Border Collies are also excellent at agility, though I didn’t try to get Wags to climb over the agility bridge in the run when I was with him. This happy guy will be even happier once he’s in a home with a family who loves him! Is that family yours?

Wags Border Collie mix 2

Wags being a happy boy

Nico the three-year-old Rat Terrier mix is a whole lot of cute. His markings are cute, his teeny-tiny tail is cute, the way he runs is cute–just everything is cute! Nico is currently sharing his kennel with Astro (who is SO soft and fluffy, especially now that his fur has grown out again. I just wanted to snuggle with him all day!), so Nico too could go into a home with or without other dogs.

Nico Rat Terrier mix 2

Nico’s adorable face and big ears

Nico (who has apparently been given the wrong photo on his page on the website, because that fluffy gray dog is not a Rat Terrier), being a Terrier mix, certainly has lots of energy. Although he’s small enough to be a lap dog, he seems to be more interested in running and playing. After he wears himself out, though, I’m sure he’d be happy to come cuddle in your lap. Those big ears of his would also enjoy some nice scratching from a helping human hand. What are you waiting for? Come to the shelter and meet Nico!

Nico Rat Terrier mix 1

Nico almost looks like a bunny when he runs

I also spent some quality time with brothers Wilbur and Rosco. They were so thrilled to be able to come outside and stretch their legs. If you have a nice fenced-in yard, these two big boys would love it! As with most pairs, one is more active than the other: Rosco was running laps around the yard in a spurt of joy before settling down for some petting, while Wilbur took a more casual stroll and took his time sniffing through the bushes. These two lovable guys would be so happy to find their new forever home together! If you have the space for two big dogs, consider this handsome pair.

Molly and Reebok, like last week, were ready for some exercise, too. Have I mentioned that Molly is a pro at playing fetch? She absolutely loves it. She brought me a tennis ball and set it down by my feet, then waited expectantly for me to throw it. She’ll even catch in midair! We also tossed around a Frisbee for her. You could train her to be one of those crazy Frisbee-catching dogs who do the fun tricks like jump over their owner’s back or run between their owner’s legs or something neat like that. Molly will do anything to play fetch! Reebok was more interested in watching the action than participating, and preferred to get a nice scratch on his hips. Like Wilbur, Reebok was content with following his nose and just enjoying the fresh air.

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Enjoy the Warm Weather

What a beautiful day it was at Orphans of the Storm®! Although a couple of the dogs I took out this week were a little on the shy side, there’s no doubt that they enjoyed being outside on one of the first days where it finally felt like spring!

JoJo the two-year-old Mountain Cur mix is a cute little ball of energy. JoJo wants to say hello to anyone and everyone, and does so with a wagging tail. I don’t think JoJo would ever be described as shy (unlike her kennelmate, MamaMia, below). There are a few Mountain Curs in today’s post, and none of them really look alike, but all of them have happy personalities!

JoJo Mountain Cur mix 1

Cute little JoJo

JoJo definitely took the lead in where we were going to walk, and who we were going to say hello to. There was a family sitting outside with a puppy they had just adopted, and JoJo and that puppy were playing together for a little while. JoJo would do fine in a home with or without another dog, as long as she gets plenty of exercise and attention. What a little cutie!

JoJo Mountain Cur mix 2

You can’t resist JoJo’s adorable face!

MamaMia the two-year-old Labrador Retriever/Hound mix is pretty nervous in her new surroundings. She was a little hesitant to come for a walk with her kennelmate, JoJo, and would get as low to the ground as she possibly could while we were walking. MamaMia needs to know that there are people who she can trust, and people who will love her. Because what’s not to love about this sweetheart?

MamaMia Labrador Retriever Hound mix 2

MamaMia will come out of her shell after she gets some love

Even though MamaMia was scared, she was ready to snuggle with whoever gave her the opportunity. I sat down in the grass because I thought I might not look quite so intimidating then, and she curled up into my lap instantly and stayed there until I got up. She kept one of her front paws on top of my leg as if to say, “Don’t leave me!” Trust me, I didn’t want to. MamaMia is ready to give her whole heart to her new family. Will you be the lucky one who gets to bring her home?

MamaMia Labrador Retriever Hound mix 1

MamaMia just wants a lap to sit in

Kimba the three-year-old Shepherd mix comes from a family who had to move to a “no dogs allowed” place, so now Kimba is looking for a new forever family. Since she was living in a home for her first three years, it’s safe to say that she’s both housebroken and already knows some basic commands. And, as a Shepherd mix, she would be eager to learn more!

Kimba Shepherd mix 1

Kimba is one pretty pooch

Kimba, being a working breed, is pretty strong when she first gets out of her kennel. Once she was able to run off some energy, though, she was a pretty good walking buddy. I also got the impression that Kimba might like to swim. When we were in the off-leash run, she stuck one of her front paws in the water bucket and splashed around a bit, then stuck her entire face into the water bucket (completely submerged!) and then shook the water off. Is a swimming pool or doggy beach in her future? She’d love it!

Kimba Shepherd mix 2

Kimba keeping an eye on things

Carly the two-year-old Mountain Cur mix is so happy and so adorable! I think I have a thing for brindle dogs. Their fur is just so beautiful. Carly was ready and rarin’ to go when she realized she was about to come out for a walk. She scampered around everywhere, always with that little nose of hers following one trail or another through the grass.

Carly Mountain Cur mix 1

Carly leading the way on our walk

Carly currently has a kennelmate (Betsy, below), so she could easily go into a home with another dog. She’s young enough that she would be able to learn the ways of a new home quickly, and this happy girl will make her entire family just as happy! If you’re interested in a little brindle beauty, come in soon to meet Carly!

Carly Mountain Cur mix 2

Carly always with her nose to the ground

Betsy the two-year-old Mountain Cur mix is another one of the shy dogs I walked this week. She wasn’t too eager to get a leash put on and was a little hesitant to come out and join her kennelmate, Carly. Once she got used to the idea of being out and about, though, she warmed up quickly and wanted to say hi to the other people who were outside on this gorgeous day.

Betsy Mountain Cur mix 1

Betsy getting some sun

Betsy is a little bark-y when she’s inside her kennel, but that’s because she’s nervous and isn’t quite sure why she’s in this kennel. Once you get her outside, though, there’s no barking to be had. She plopped down in a sunny spot of grass and enjoyed getting scratched behind the ears. Betsy’s sure to brighten your day every day if you’re the one to bring her home!

Betsy Mountain Cur 2

Betsy enjoying the outdoors

I also visited with Momma, who has been a little depressed since her kennelmate Eli got adopted a few months ago. She’s wondering when it will be her turn to find a forever home! She’s usually curled up napping when I see her in her kennel, but once she’s outside she loves to run and play! Cheer this sweet girl up by welcoming her into your family!

Reebok and Molly also came outside to play with me in the off-leash run. They are both such pretty dogs. Why do they keep getting overlooked? I do not know. Molly loves to play fetch and will stretch out for a nap by your feet after she’s run off her energy. Reebok loves to get a nice scratch on the back, and even gave me a doggy kiss this time! If you’re looking for a larger dog, either one would be an excellent choice!