Orphans of the Storm® Dog Tails Wag on Willow

Orphans of the Storm® was all over the northern suburbs this weekend! I went to visit some of the pooches at Wags on Willow, on the corner of Waukegan and Willow Roads in Northbrook. There I was greeted by the three Chihuahua mixes Clay, Blitz, and Halo.

Clay the two-year-old was as happy and playful as he was when I met him at the shelter a few weeks ago. He kept wanting to play with Blitz and Halo, but the two of them were more interested in getting lots of love and attention from the humans. Clay would go into a play bow and then run towards Halo–but then would slip on the store floor. He took me on a walk around the store and loved smelling all of the different bones for sale. When he got tired out, he sat in my lap to recuperate before attempting to play again.

Clay Chihuahua Wags on Willow

Clay waiting for shoppers (and potential adopters!) to come say hello

Blitz the five-year-old really gets around! He was at the Glenview Street Sale just a couple weekends ago, and I spent some time with him at the shelter as well. Blitz is happiest in a cuddly set of arms, and spent most of his time at Wags on Willow in the arms of one of the volunteers. He went outside for short walks every once in a while, but seemed to prefer the air conditioning inside. He loves attention and will bond quickly to whoever is lucky enough to adopt him.

Blitz Chihuahua Wags on Willow

Blitz hoping to be scooped into a pair of arms

Halo the six-year-old is new to Orphans of the Storm® and he is a real sweetheart. He, like Blitz, seemed happiest when he was being held by a volunteer or curled up in a lap. He has a cute little face and a round little body. Halo eventually got used to Clay’s playfulness and at least sniffed him from time to time–but then would go find a person to interact with instead. Who can resist such a cutie?

Halo Chihuahua Wags on Willow

Halo exploring all the goodies at Wags on Willow

Right before I left the store, a little boy came in and was excitedly petting all the dogs. He couldn’t decide which one he liked petting the most–they were all so great!

If you’re looking for a little four-legged friend to add to your family, and especially like the idea of having someone snuggling in your lap, then you can’t go wrong with any of these three lovable Chihuahuas.  Come visit them at the shelter–you’ll find all of them right next to the front office!

Orphans of the Storm® pooches will be back at Wags on Willow next Saturday, July 21 from 12pm-2pm! We hope to see you there!

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Visit Glenview

Orphans of the Storm® dogs (and a few kittens!) were part of the Glenview Street Sale on Saturday, June 30th. This annual event always draws large crowds, even when it’s 90 degrees and sunny! That meant lots of exposure for the pooches and the shelter as a whole. There were four dogs and four kittens who were working the crowd on Saturday, and they’re all eager to find their new home!

Orphans of the Storm Booth

The shelter’s booth at the Glenview Street Sale

The first dog I saw when I arrived at the shelter’s booth was Balto, an eight-year-old Shepherd mix. This big boy is so laidback and gentle. Balto was the lucky dog who got to spend most of his time in the kiddie pool that was set up to keep them cool–and he would sometimes cool off the people petting him by getting up and shaking all the water off his fur!

Balto Shepherd Mix

Balto being cool in the pool

The next dog I said hello to was Blitz, the five-year-old Chihuahua mix who I spent some time with at the shelter a few weeks ago. He was staying in the shade to keep cool, but walked around the booth to say hello to all the visitors. Blitz‘s big ears are as cute as ever!

Blitz Chihuahua

Blitz staying in the shade

Seven the four-year-old Terrier mix just wants to be loved. It was hard to get a picture of Seven because he kept following me whenever I backed up to take a picture. He thinks that getting pet is better than getting his picture taken, understandably. This little guy is super cute and super friendly. He would make a great lapdog to snuggle with!

Seven Terrier Mix

Seven posing for the camera

Papito is a black Labrador Retriever mix puppy who is less than a year old. Being a puppy, he was the most energetic dog at the booth. He got to go for walks up and down the sidewalk (always staying in the shade, of course). When anyone came up to pet him, Papito greeted them with a wagging tail and happily sat down at their feet to get a nice pat.

Pepe Black Labrador Retriever Mix

Pepe ready to be pet

The four kittens got to stay in the shade under the booth’s roof. Kittens are adorable, of course, but don’t forget that there are lots (and lots) of adult cats at Orphans of the Storm® waiting for their “purrfect” home. If you’re interested in adding one (or more) cats to your home, make Orphans of the Storm® your first stop!

Orphans of the Storm Kittens

Cute kittens enjoying the attention

For those of you who have already adopted your pooch from Orphans of the Storm®, join the shelter during Deerfield’s 4th of July parade on Wednesday! What better way to spend your holiday than showing off your wonderful shelter pet for the entire town to see? For more information, check out the shelter’s Facebook page! Don’t forget to wear your Orphans of the Storm® gear to let everyone know where you adopted your best friend!

Orphans of the Storm gear

Shirts will be available for purchase on the day of the parade