Orphans of the Storm® Upcoming Events

Summer is a busy time at Orphans of the Storm®, and a great time to add a new member to your family! There are plenty of upcoming events where you can get to know some of the dogs available for adoption outside of the shelter, and hopefully find the perfect pooch for you!

  • This Saturday, June 29 from 10am-1pm, Orphans of the Storm® will be at Community Resource Day with Senator Julie Morrison at 700 Osterman Avenue, Deerfield. Some of the dogs you’ll get to meet there are Stanley the Great Pyrenees, Kelly the Labrador Retriever, and sisters Bailey the Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull Terrier mix and Vienna the Puggle. Learn more about this weekend’s event here.
Kelly Labrador Retriever mix 2

Kelly is eager to make new friends this weekend!

  • Celebrate the Dog Days of Summer with the Big Dog Show in downtown Highland Park from June 28-August 19. Artist Dale Rogers will be showcasing 22 eight-foot-tall sculptures of dogs (anyone remember Cows on Parade in downtown Chicago in 1999?), and local shelters including Orphans of the Storm® will be joining in the celebration by showcasing some of their dogs available for adoption. Learn more about the event here, and stay tuned for more specific dates of when Orphans of the Storm® dogs will be out and about in Highland Park again!
Ty Labrador Retriever Bulldog mix 1

“Big Dog” Ty is still waiting to find his new furever family

  • The 7th annual Pooch Parade is happening Saturday, August 3 at 9am. This is the big summer fundraiser! There was a great turnout last year, and this year I might even bring Cooper to the festivities. You can find out more information about the event on the Orphans of the Storm® Facebook page and you can also create your very own online fundraising page here.
  • For those of you thinking about adding a cat to your family, there’s a special event for that too! Feline Friends for Seniors is a new, weekly event that happens every Wednesday at the shelter. For people 65 years and older who adopt an adult cat (kittens not included), Orphans of the Storm® will waive the $90 adoption fee and discount the vaccination fee to $60–so you’re getting your new friend for life for only $60!
Akiva Husky mix new

Even Akiva thinks that sounds like a great deal!

There’s no time like summertime to welcome a furry friend into your heart and your home!

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Celebrate Father’s Day

Some adorable, cuddly dogs from Orphans of the Storm® were out and about in Highland Park on Father’s Day. How can you resist adding a four-legged child to your family? You can’t!

Orphans of the Storm event tent

The Orphans of the Storm® tent was bustling!

Stanley (Stan) the two-year-old Great Pyrenees mix was the first dog to catch my attention–not just because of his size (he’s a big boy), but because of his sweet demeanor. This guy is super mellow and also super snuggly. When I knelt down next to him to say hello, he tucked his head down and put it right in my lap. He also gave me some sweet doggy kisses. Stanley would make a wonderful addition to a family looking for a big dog!

Stanley Great Pyrenees mix

Sweet Stanley

Cody the two-year-old Corgi/Beagle mix is just too precious for words. She wanted to say hello to everybody and felt entirely comfortable climbing into my lap and covering my nose in kisses. Cody has an adorable little tail that wags all the time, as seen in its blurriness in the picture below. She seemed to be one of the more energetic dogs at the event (though it was pretty warm, so maybe that had to do with the dogs being extra-calm). This little cutie won’t be at the shelter long, so come in soon to meet her!

Cody being adorable

Cody being adorable

Patsy Kline the six-year-old Beagle mix was another super mellow, super sweet dog at the event. She walked up to me with a little tail wag, and after I sat down next to her she stood right by my side and enjoyed getting a nice pat on the back. Patsy Kline is more of a blonde Beagle (I think the official name is “lemon”), but still has that lovable Beagle face and droopy Hound ears. She gave my hand a little “thank you” lick before I left. What a sweetheart!

Patsy Kline Beagle mix

Patsy smiling for the camera

Candy the six-month-old Hound mix was one of two puppies strutting their stuff in Highland Park. This little girl was getting lots of attention, of course, because it’s impossible to ignore that sweet puppy face and those bright green eyes! Although Candy hasn’t had the most ideal puppyhood so far, a loving family is all she needs in order to become the best friend anyone could ask for. Candy loved everybody and is ready to find her forever family!

Candy Hound mix

Candy the cutie

Kendall the five-month-old Labrador Retriever mix (who might also have some Chow Chow in her) was the second puppy at the event. Kendall is the kind of puppy you just want to scoop up and carry around in your arms because she is so cute and so fluffy! (And she’ll soon be too big to carry around easily.) The volunteer who was walking Kendall said that she had been getting along great with everyone she met and was very friendly. As I say pretty much every time I mention a Lab, they aren’t the most popular breed in America for nothing!

Kendall Labrador Retriever Highland Park

Kendall the happy puppy

Autumn the three-year-old Chihuahua mix is the ideal lap dog. She had already bonded with the volunteer who was walking her and curled up right in her lap for a little snooze in the shade. Autumn is a little bigger than the usual Chihuahua, but is still the perfect size for cuddling and being cuddled. She definitely enjoyed all of the attention she was getting from the volunteer, and would love even more to have a family of her own!

Autumn Chihuahua mix

Autumn making a silly face

I also got to see a familiar face at the event: my buddy, Chopper! What is a handsome boy like Chopper still doing at the shelter? He absolutely loves people, gets along with most other dogs, and was very well-behaved at the event. This happy guy is just looking for a happy home!

Chopper Catahoula 3

Chopper being a little camera shy

There was also a cute little kitten hanging out under the tent. Kitten season is just starting, and the shelter expects to have more adorable kittens like this one arriving through October. If you’re more interested in an adult cat, no worries–Orphans of the Storm® has plenty!

Orphans of the Storm Kitten

Look at that face!

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Have Big Hearts

Half of the dogs I walked at Orphans of the Storm® this week have already been adopted, but the four dogs below are all ready to find their new forever homes too!

Chico the six-year-old Labrador Retriever/Shepherd mix is just wonderful. He is friendly, gentle, and extremely affectionate. Chico will cover your face in doggy kisses if you give him the opportunity and prefers to stay close to whoever is walking him. We took a nice walk around the shelter and he wasn’t pulling on the leash at all.

Chico Labrador Retriever Shepherd mix 1

Chico is so photogenic!

Chico was originally sharing his kennel with another dog, who has since been adopted, so Chico could go to a home with another four-legged friend, or would be equally happy to be the only apple of your eye. Sometimes you just know when a dog is a good dog, right? (I felt that way about Roxie, a staff and volunteer favorite who happily got adopted while I was at the shelter this week!) Chico is one of those dogs where you just know. If you’re looking to add a big, handsome sweetheart to your family, Chico could be the pooch for you!

Chico Labrador Retriever Shepherd mix 2

Chico posing for the camera

Cherry the five-year-old Husky mix is another affectionate pooch ready to share her love with a new family. She sure has an appropriate name, too, with that reddish-brown fur of hers. Cherry isn’t shy when it comes to giving doggy kisses and will happily bound over to any new person coming her way to get a nice scratch on the top of her head.

Cherry Husky mix 1

Cherry’s smiling face

Cherry, being a Husky, would do best with a big, fenced-in yard and/or an active family who can keep up with her energy. She walked well on the leash, but sometimes got excited and would jump straight into the air, all four paws off the ground (hence the needed fence). Huskies are athletes, and Cherry is no exception! Once she’s run off her energy, though, Cherry is an excellent cuddle buddy who enjoys a good bellyrub. If you’re thinking about welcoming a Husky into your home, come in soon to meet Cherry (or Gilly, or Akiva)!

Cherry Husky mix 2

Cherry wanting to run around in the yard

Vienna the eight-year-old Beagle/Pug (Puggle) mix and Bailey the eight-year-old Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull Terrier mix are one of the pairs currently at the shelter who would like to be adopted into their new home together (the others being some of my personal favorites, Freckles and Buckeye and Wilbur and Rosco). Vienna and Bailey grew up together in a home, but unfortunately their family split up and neither side could take the dogs.

Vienna Puggle 1

Vienna’s precious puggle face

Vienna and Bailey are excellent at walking on the leash and, because of their good behavior, they have gone to many off-site events in just the few short weeks they’ve been at the shelter. They get along great with people and dogs alike, and know at least a few commands (if not more).

Bailey Labrador Retriever Pit Bull Terrier mix 1

Bailey being a good girl on her walk

If your home has room for two, consider adopting this lovable pair!

Vienna Puggle Bailey Labrador Retriever Pit Bull Terrier mix 1

Vienna and Bailey make a great pair!

I also spent some time with Gizmo, who gave me a real self-esteem boost because he was so happy to see me again, and my buddies Frankie and Bailey (not to be confused with the Bailey above) and Molly and Reebok. Reebok has become a pro at climbing the agility bridge, and is so proud of himself when he makes it to the top!

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Out for a Walk

Lots of dogs are still looking for their new furever homes at Orphans of the Storm®!

Gilly the five-year-old Husky mix is, I think, the calmest Husky I’ve walked at the shelter. Most Huskies, being sled dogs, are ready to shoot out of their kennel and go running (and I certainly can’t keep up). Gilly, on the other hand, just walked calmly a few steps ahead of me when we went out for our walk and was great on the leash.

Gilly Husky mix 1

Handsome Gilly standing at attention

Gilly is, of course, incredibly handsome, with his white face, blue eyes, and silver fur. If you want to have the best-looking dog in the neighborhood, look no further than Gilly. Although Gilly seems very laid back, Huskies are known for getting bored easily, so be prepared to have fun doing training and other activities to keep you and your Husky happy. A dog like Gilly won’t be at the shelter for long, so come in soon to get acquainted!

Gilly Husky mix 2

Gilly’s beautiful blue eyes

Juliet the four-year-old Labrador Retriever mix probably also has a good amount of Chow Chow in her, because she has a curly tail and a blue tongue. Both Labs and Chows make great family pets, and Juliet would be no exception. This friendly girl was happy to cover my face in doggy kisses and was a good walking buddy who didn’t pull much on the leash.

Juliet Labrador Retriever Chow Chow mix 1

Juliet showing her good manners

Juliet also gets along well with other dogs. She was previously sharing her kennel with an eight-month-old puppy (who has since been adopted) but was a good sport and put up with all of his puppy antics, like pouncing and chasing. Juliet wasn’t too interested in playing fetch when I tried to throw a tennis ball for her in the off-leash run, but I’m sure she and her new owner will find plenty of ways to have a good time together. If you’re looking for a family dog, come meet Juliet!

Juliet Labrador Retriever Chow Chow mix 2

Juliet displaying that blue Chow tongue

Misty the five-year-old German Shepherd mix is a big ball of energy, which makes sense because she is a working breed. She was ready to get out of her kennel and run some laps around the off-leash run to burn off her energy. Misty is a beautiful example of a German Shepherd, with that intelligent face of hers. Training her should be a piece of cake!

Misty German Shepherd mix 2

Misty exploring the run

Misty currently has a kennelmate (see below), so she could go to a home with another dog. She gets very excited when other dogs are around, but just wants to play! She was playing tag with her kennelmate when we were in the off-leash run, so if you already have a high-energy dog at home, Misty would be a great playmate. After she ran around for a bit, Misty decided to cool off in the water bucket. Maybe she’d enjoy trips to the doggy beach!

Misty German Shepherd mix 2

Misty cooling off in the water bucket

Balu the four-year-old St. Bernard mix is, I believe, the first St. Bernard I’ve seen at Orphans of the Storm®–or at least the first one I’ve had the opportunity to walk–which is funny, because there’s a St. Bernard on the Orphans of the Storm® logo! This breed had a semi-recent boost in popularity, thanks to the movie Beethoven (a personal favorite of mine), but they certainly are a lot of dog to handle. Balu is, I think, the largest dog I’ve ever walked.

Balu St. Bernard mix 1

Balu’s giant face

Despite his size, Balu is a breeze to walk! He doesn’t lumber around like you might expect a dog of his size to do; he prances with surprising grace, and doesn’t try to throw his weight around. His current kennelmate is Misty, and he enjoyed playing tag with her just as much as she enjoyed playing tag with him (though Misty is, admittedly, faster on her feet). This big boy has a big heart that he can’t wait to share with his new forever family. If you’re looking for a BIG dog, Balu is the pooch for you!

Balu St. Bernard mix 2

Balu getting ready to play tag with Misty

Little Bit the eight-month-old Mountain Cur mix is a little cutie. Considering I had never even heard of a Mountain Cur before I started volunteering at the shelter, you can imagine my surprise when I read an article earlier this week saying that Mountain Curs are one of the ten breeds who have had the biggest jump in popularity in the last decade! When you meet an adorable puppy like Little Bit, it’s easy to see why.

Little Bit Mountain Cur mix 2

Little Bit’s adorable little face

Although Little Bit is a puppy, she has very good manners. She gets along well with other dogs: she currently has a kennelmate (see below), and was friendly with some of the other dogs we saw while we were on our walk. She will also sit without being told if the person holding her leash stops walking. I gave her lots of praise for that, since that’s a good habit to have! If you’re ready to welcome a puppy into your home, Little Bit is ready to be that puppy!

Little Bit Mountain Cur mix 1

Little Bit following her nose

Half Pint is another eight-month-old Mountain Cur mix, and Little Bit’s current kennelmate. They don’t look too much alike, though; Half Pint might have some Dachshund or Basset Hound in her, since she’s long and low to the ground. That just makes her extra cute! She was a little hesitant about coming out on a walk with a couple of strangers, but once she was out in the grass, she was happy to romp around.

Half Pint Mountain Cur mix 2

Half Pint smiling for the camera

Half Pint also gets along well with other dogs and spends most of her time wagging her tail. She put her little paws in my lap while I was kneeling down to get a picture and gave me some puppy kisses. What’s better than puppy kisses? Not much! This little sweetie won’t be hanging around the shelter for long, so if you think Half Pint might be the one for you, stop by the shelter soon!

Half Pint Mountain Cur mix 1

Half Pint leading the way on her walk

Since it was a lovely day outside and I had some extra time on my hands, I got to visit with some old friends:

Kennelmates Bailey the Lab mix and Frankie the Shepherd mix were excited to get a chance to play in the yard. Poor Frankie always looks so sad when he’s inside their kennel, but he perks up right away once he realizes he gets to go out for a walk. This calm, gentle guy would make a great companion dog. Bailey was practically hopping on our way to the yard because she was so excited. It was adorable. She also loves to give kisses!

Brothers Wilbur and Rosco like a chance to stretch their legs, too. Rosco is a fan of doing laps around the yard, while Wilbur is more interested in a casual stroll. They are both big, lovable guys who are ready to go to a loving home!

And, of course, a visit to the shelter isn’t complete if I don’t spend some time with Molly and Reebok. Reebok doesn’t get much of a chance to say hello to people when they stop by his kennel because Molly is a bit of an attention hog, but once you get to know him on his own, he’s a big love bug. And remember how I’ve been talking about what an excellent fetcher Molly is? Well, I now have video proof!

If that isn’t skill, I don’t know what is. Molly also knows some commands, like “Sit” and “Shake” (she can do both her left and her right paw!).

So many wonderful dogs are ready to be adopted! Come in soon to find your new family member!