Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Are Still Here!

Apologies for the long hiatus! But the dogs of Orphans of the Storm® are still here and still ready to find their forever homes. Orphans of the Storm® is once again open on a walk-in basis, so you no longer need to make an appointment before coming in. However, appointments are still encouraged. Here are NINE great dogs who want to meet you!

Posey the two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix is the snuggliest! She wants to be as close to her people as possible. She loves to give doggy hugs and will happily stand on her back legs for as long as you scratch her ears and sides. She also enjoys getting belly rubs and will climb into your lap and roll over so you can reach all her favorite spots. Posey is a big fan of giving doggy kisses too, and will cover your face in licks and then rest her chin on your shoulder so you can cuddle even more.

Posey will always sit right by your side

Posey is a little pig-like. She snorts and snuffles while she explores around the yard or on the trail, and the noises are the cutest. Posey walks nicely on the leash once she gets her initial burst of energy out of her system and was a good walking buddy on the trail. She loves romping around the yard and raced another dog on the other side of the fence a few times. Posey chased after toys but wasn’t too interested in playing fetch. If you are looking for a dog who will never stray far from your side, come in soon to meet Posey!

Posey has the cutest floppy ears and wrinkly forehead

Kap the four-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix is such a smart boy. He already knows “sit,” “high five” (with both paws!), “down,” and probably even more! He is very treat-motivated, so he will be a quick and eager learner. Kap is also a sweetheart. He loves to put his front paws in your lap and cover you in doggy kisses, and then happily keep his paws in your lap while you pet him. He can get a little worked up when he’s in his kennel, but he is very mellow outside of the kennel and just enjoys being out with people.

Kap enjoying his romp in the yard

Kap loves toys. He easily entertains himself by kicking and chasing balls around the yard–he doesn’t even need a person in order to play fetch! Once he’s tired himself out, he takes his toy and plops down to do some chewing. Kap is a serious chewer and can quickly tear toys apart, though, so he needs to be supervised when he has a toy to make sure he doesn’t accidentally eat any of it. He quickly trades a toy for a treat, though, so it’s never an issue getting a torn toy away from him. If you’re looking for a smart and playful pooch, stop in soon to meet Kap!

Kap working on destroying this poor ball

Zoey the five-year-old Labrador Retriever mix is such a pretty girl, with her flowing and shiny black fur. Her absolute favorite thing is back and hip scratches. She wiggles back and forth until you find the perfect spot and then leans into your hand to make sure you keep scratching, and she turns around and gives you a big doggy smile so you know how much she’s enjoying herself. She’ll also give you a few doggy kisses as a thank-you.

Zoey coming when called

Zoey is attentive to her person and is pretty good about coming when you call her, even when she’s on the other side of the yard. She enjoys romping around the yard but wasn’t overly interested in playing with toys. Zoey can occasionally pull on the leash when she’s excited to go in a particular direction, but overall she’s an easy walking buddy and does even better when she’s on a harness. Be sure to say hello to Zoey on your next visit to the shelter!

Zoey smiling while I scratch her hips

Steel the three-year-old Canaan Dog/Chow Chow mix will catch your eye right away. He is so handsome and has such a distinct blue-black tongue! Steel is a smart boy who already knows some commands and can definitely learn more. He walks great on the leash and walks just a few steps ahead of you. Steel gets along with other dogs and attends play group, but he is not a fan of cats.

Talk about a head-turner! Steel has the best looks

Steel loves toys–but sometimes too much! He can be a little possessive and doesn’t want his toys taken away. For this reason, he would do best in an adult-only home where he doesn’t have to worry about sharing (intentionally or otherwise) with kids who might want to play with his toys too. Steel even likes to carry toys with him on walks sometimes. Steel has plenty of energy and is looking for an active home where he can get the exercise and playtime he deserves. If that sounds like you, come in soon to meet Steel!

Steel deciding between two toys

Norman the eight-month-old Pit Bull Terrier mix is such a sweetie. Any time you sit down on a bench, Norman hops up and sits down right next to you–as close to you as he can get without actually being on you–and stays still and calm for as long as you’re petting him. He sometimes leans over and gives you a doggy kiss or two. Even though he’s still a puppy, he walks pretty well on the leash and only pulls every once in a while.

Norman has the cutest speckled ears

Norman has his playful puppy side too, though. He especially likes big, bouncy balls that he can chase after and push around the yard himself. When he eventually catches it, he likes to lie down and chew. Norman will love going to a home that will spoil him with lots of toy options! Norman would also appreciate having a yard to call his own, where he can run a few laps before plopping down and sunning himself. If you’re looking for a sweet puppy, be sure to say hello to Norman on your next visit to the shelter!

Norman flies!

Franco the ten-month-old Pit Bull Terrier/Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix is a gentle giant. He seems like a bit of a handful inside his kennel just because he is so big and he likes to jump up against the gate to say hello, but he is actually super easy to walk and loves to cuddle. He is so attentive! During our walk, he stayed so close to me that his side was brushing against my leg with almost every step, and he would pause and look up at me at regular intervals just to make sure we were still on the same page. He has the prettiest light, bright eyes.

Franco trying his best to fit in my lap

Franco hasn’t quite figured out his own size yet, so he can be funnily clumsy. When I sat down on the bench, he tried to put his front paws in my lap but overshot it and ended up sort of draped over my legs instead. He didn’t seem to mind as long as I scratched his sides and he was able to reach my face to give me doggy kisses. He is a play group regular and has made some doggy friends, so he could go to a home with or without another dog. Don’t let Franco’s large size intimidate you–he’s a true teddy bear. Come in soon to see for yourself!

Nobody looks their best when it’s 90 degrees and humid, but I assure you Franco is a cutie!

Swift the four-year-old Hound/Pit Bull Terrier mix is a silly, sweet boy. He loves having the chance to run and play in the big Enrichment Park. He enthusiastically chases after toys when you throw them, and then is happy to throw them in the air again himself and chase them some more. Swift is also enthusiastic about his people. He takes a running leap in your general direction, though he doesn’t jump on you or at you–he may nudge your elbow with his nose as he flies past. But then he settles down and leans against your legs while you rub his sides.

Swift stopping to smell the flowers

Swift has the cutest speckled nose that looks even cuter when he’s giving you a big doggy smile. Swift enjoys giving doggy kisses and will join you on the bench for some snuggles. He can pull on the leash when he first comes out of his kennel, but he’s an easy walking buddy on the trail and likes to sniff around in all the tall grasses and bushes. Swift’s Hound side comes out when a bird crosses his path, and he almost goes into a Pointer pose as he watches it hopping around. Come by the shelter soon to meet sweet Swift!

Swift being playful

Stella the two-year-old Labrador Retriever mix is an active, athletic girl looking for an active, athletic home where she can participate in all the fun. She loves to run after toys, especially balls that bounce extra high, though she hasn’t quite mastered the part where she brings it back so you can throw it again. Stella also loves to run after squirrels and will chase them up trees, where she stands on her back legs and wishes she could climb up after them. Stella can be strong when she wants to be, but overall walks nicely on the leash and mostly stayed just a step or two ahead of me and walked at a nice, even pace.

Stella being a sweetie

Stella is very snuggly and leans against your legs while you scratch her sides. She already knows a few commands like “sit” and could easily learn more. Stella is “most improved” in play group. When she first arrived at Orphans of the Storm, she did not get along with the other dogs at all, but now she is a play group rock star and has the longest list of doggy friends! It’s still a good idea for her to have slow introductions with new dogs, but she does have the potential to go to a home with another dog. Be sure to say hello to Stella on your next visit to the shelter!

Stella wondering where the squirrel went

Dana the three-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix can be extra excitable when she first comes out of her kennel, but she settles down quickly once she gets a chance to stretch her legs in the yard and then does a great job walking on the leash around the trail. She leads the way, but doesn’t pull on the leash. Dana enjoys following her nose and exploring through all the tall plants along the path.

Dana’s adorable face

Dana likes to chase after balls, especially when they bounce a few times, but hasn’t quite mastered bringing them back in order to play fetch. She also enjoys water and likes to be sprayed down with a hose and sometimes dips her paws in the puppy pool. Dana’s secret skill is that she can climb fences, so she will need to be closely supervised when she’s off-leash! Dana is looking for a home where she can be the only pet. If that sounds like you, come in soon to meet Dana!

Dana wondering if she should take a dip in the puppy pool

I also saw Coal and Polly, both of whom were unfortunately returned after long stints in homes but who are ready to find their new forevers. Polly has settled down so much since I first profiled her–she is an easy walking companion, completely housebroken, and loves to just find a sunny spot where she can lie down and relax. Coal’s favorite thing in the world is water. He loves to splash around in the puppy pools and likes getting hosed down.

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Want You to Book an Appointment

Orphans of the Storm® is still open just by appointment only, but you are now able to book appointments online directly on our website! You can still call 847-945-0235 to schedule an appointment as well. Don’t delay, there are so many sweet and snuggly dogs ready to meet you!

Ozzie the four-year-old Labrador Retriever/Hound mix is a smart, gentle boy who also has a playful streak. Being a retriever, he is excellent at playing fetch and especially loves tennis balls. He can catch the ball in midair and brings it right back to drop at your feet. He isn’t pushy about playing fetch, though–if you don’t throw it right away, he’s content to snuggle instead. But as soon as you pick up the ball again, he is ready to play!

Ozzie is very photogenic

Ozzie already has some good manners. When he comes to the gate at the entrance to the shelter’s walking trail, he sits nicely without being asked while he waits for you to open it. Ozzie is super snuggly and loves to lean against you while you pet him, especially if you’re scratching his favorite spot on his hip. He is an excellent walking companion and does great on the leash. Ozzie gets along well with other dogs and attends play group, so he could go to a home with or without another dog. Ozzie would also prefer an adult-only home. Come in soon to see if Ozzie is the pooch for you!

Ozzie enjoying his tennis ball and the shade

Mr. Brightside the two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix is a serious chonk who will make you smile just by being in your presence. He loves being with people and has done great at offsite events where he had the opportunity to make lots of new friends. But his absolute favorite things are toys! Mr. Brightside heads straight to the toy bin before every walk and literally climbs inside, snuffling around for the perfect toy (or toys) to carry with him on the trail.

Mr. Brightside has the cutest wrinkly forehead

You might think Mr. Brightside would be distracted and want to play instead of walk, but having a toy in his mouth actually makes him a super easy walking buddy! He lumbers along and only stops occasionally to adjust how he’s holding his toy. He can sometimes destroy stuffed animal toys, so would do best with sturdier options in his new home. Mr. Brightside is looking for a home where he can be the only pet and get all of your love and attention. This big boy will give you plenty in return! Come in soon to meet Mr. Brightside!

Mr. Brightside proudly showing off his toy

Princess Peach the two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix is all about comfort—as a princess should be! She loves to create her own bed in the yard by digging in the dirt until she gets down to the cool part, then curls up and settles in. You may want to set aside a shady part of your garden where you won’t mind her digging! Princess Peach also likes to stretch out on cool concrete during hot afternoons and get belly rubs.

Princess Peach was very happy with her hole

When she isn’t lounging, Princess Peach is the perfect walking buddy. She often looks up at whoever is holding the other end of the leash and wags her tail to let you know she’s having a good time. Princess Peach is very snuggly and likes to give doggy kisses. And she doesn’t only like people—she’s happy to spend time with other dogs, too. She regularly participates in play group and has a long list of doggy friends, so she could go to a home with or without another dog. Schedule an appointment soon to meet Princess Peach!

Princess Peach will be a great #TongueOutTuesday participant

I also got a quick but affectionate hello from the not-yet-profiled Mama Mae.

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Want to Spring into a New Home

With the weather getting warmer, now is a great time to adopt a dog from Orphans of the Storm® who will join you on nice walks and quality time in the yard!

Sugar the five-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix is ready to be your companion for outdoor activities. She loves going for walks and prefers to lead the way by keeping a brisk pace, so she may do better with a harness. Sugar also likes to spend time in the yard, where she sometimes is interested in playing with toys but sometimes gets distracted by everything else going on around her. Sugar is as sweet as her name implies–she loves to cuddle and will give doggy hugs and kisses. She joined me on the bench and especially likes getting her sides and chest scratched.

Sugar is always smiling

Sugar is working on her doggy socialization skills in play group and has made a couple doggy friends, but for now she is looking to be the only pet in her new home. She also gets overexcited when she’s in the yard and sees another dog walk by, and she may try to jump over the fence–so if Sugar goes to a home with a fenced-in yard, she’ll need to be closely supervised or kept on a leash. Sugar already knows some commands, like “sit” and “paw,” and would be eager to learn more. She loves treats! Make an appointment at the shelter soon to meet Sugar!

Sugar enjoying the sunshine

Amber the one-year-old Shepherd mix is super smart and very treat-motivated. She already knows “sit,” sometimes comes when called, and will do an almost perfect heel with 100% attention on you if she thinks you have a treat. She’ll poke at your hands and pockets if she thinks you’re holding out on her! But when you show her you have no more treats, she’s happy to lead the way on walks and get snuggles. Amber is just barely out of puppyhood, so she still needs to learn that not everyone likes to get doggy hugs. But if you do like doggy hugs, Amber is your girl.

Amber has the happiest smile

Amber likes spending time in the yard and enjoys following her nose around to explore. She poked her nose in the toy bin and found a stuffed squeaky that she liked and carried around for a bit. Amber isn’t a fan of other dogs, so she’s looking for a home where she can be the only one. She loves people, though, and greeted everyone we passed during our walk with a wagging tail and a lick on the hand. If you’re looking for a young, active dog to keep you always entertained, come in soon to meet Amber!

Amber doing what she does best: doggy hugs

Fox the three-year-old Hound mix gets off to an energetic start when he first comes out of his kennel, but he slows down the longer he’s out and about. He is truly in his element on the trail–his nose leads the way, and he loves poking around in the bushes and taller grasses to find all of the most interesting smells. If you like visiting forest preserves and other outdoor areas, Fox would love to join you!

Fox is so handsome

Fox also understands the importance of cuddling and is happy to take a break from his exploring to get some pets. He especially likes getting his hips scratched and will start leaning towards whichever side you’re scratching. He joined me on the bench a few times and gave me some doggy kisses. Fox can be friends with pretty much anybody. He has a long list of doggy friends that he likes playing with during play group, so he could go to a home with another dog. He could also go to a home with cats and children 10 or older. If you’re looking for a family pooch, come by the shelter to meet Fox!

Fox eager to be on the trail

Stewie the four-year-old Catahoula Leopard Dog mix has the prettiest blue eyes that especially stand out against his white fur. He loves to be close to people and wants to greet everyone with a doggy hug, and he’ll happily continue to stand up on his hind legs while you scratch his neck and chest. Stewie gives lots of doggy kisses and snuffles around your face and ears, and either joined me on the bench and leaned against me or put his front paws in my lap when I sat down. He sometimes jumps up on you when he gets excited, but he settled down the longer we were out, so he’ll probably be mellower once he’s comfortable in his forever home.

Stewie about to jump up for a doggy hug

Stewie is a known fence-jumper, even if a person is in the yard with him, so he will need to be closely supervised or kept on a leash if he goes to a home with a fenced-in yard. Stewie enjoys participating in play group and has made several doggy friends, so he could go to a home with or without another dog–but he would probably do best with a dog that has the same energy level as him. If you’re looking for a sweet and playful guy, visit the shelter soon to meet Stewie!

Stewie says, “Whee!”

I also saw Reina.

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Who Found Their Forever Homes, Part XXV

We love our Orphans of the Storm® success stories! Sandy was adopted from the shelter last September, and this is what her new family has to share.

We just wanted to write & say thank you for all you do at your organization. We were rescued by Lucky (shy Sandy) in September and she has been such an incredible addition to our family. Our sweet older rescue dog is in his later years and we knew he needed a friend. We looked for months and the second we saw Lucky, we knew she was the one.

She was so scared when we first brought her home that we had to carry her outside to go potty and hand-feed her in her bed. Now, that same sweet dog is full of love for her furry brother and for her human brother and sister. She gives kisses all day, runs crazy laps through the yard, and has found her voice. She loves to snuggle and her favorite treat is carrots.

She used to be scared on walks and at the dog park, and now those are her favorite activities. She refuses to go anywhere without her furry brother–she won’t get into the car or go on walks without him. We are so truly Lucky.

Thank you so much. From Ross, Christine, Isla, Tres, Bubba & Lucky

Thank you for sharing Lucky’s story with us!

If you would like to have your own Orphans of the Storm® adoption success story here on the dog blog, please email meetthepooches@gmail.com.

Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Want to Stay Home With You

Orphans of the Storm® is closely following the COVID-19 situation and has made the difficult, but educated decision to close to the public until further notice. Although the staff and foster families will be here to take care of our animals while we wait to reopen, adoptions and fosters will be put on hold during this time.

You can still get to know the dogs here, so you know who you’ll want to meet when we reopen!

Clara the one-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix has plenty of enthusiastic puppy energy. She loves toys (particularly stuffed squeakies) but should be supervised when she’s playing with them, because she also loves tearing them apart and taking the squeaker out. Her future family will probably want to invest in more durable options! Clara’s favorite thing is to be around people, and she doesn’t seem to mind getting pet while she’s chewing on her toys.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Clara PBT 2

Clara’s big ears better allow her to better hear how wonderful she is

Clara likes to walk at a quick pace and can sometimes pull on the leash to get where she wants to go. But since she’s barely out of puppyhood, she just needs some more practice and guidance on proper leash-walking etiquette. Clara can also get excited when she passes other dogs on the leash. Her energy is a little much for some dogs, but she does participate in play groups and has a select number of doggy friends that she enjoys playing with. If you’re looking for a playful pup, be sure to meet Clara on your next visit to the shelter!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Clara PBT 1

Clara was in love with this snake toy

Cleo the eight-month-old Pit Bull Terrier mix is a little goofball. She spins in excited circles while you scratch her sides and back and makes happy snorting noises. Since she’s still a puppy, she sometimes gets so excited that she starts nibbling on fingers. She’s a quick learner, though, and calms down as soon as you turn your back to her. Cleo also likes to give doggy hugs and doggy kisses. She has participated in a few play groups so far and seems to do well with the other dogs.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Cleo PBT 2

How can you not love Cleo’s squishy, wrinkly face?

Cleo alternates between being a good walking companion and thinking the leash is a tug toy. If she gets distracted with sniffing scents or holding a toy, then she doesn’t mind the leash. She just needs a little more training! One important note about Cleo is that she is allergic to chicken, so her new family will need to be careful with the food and treats they give her. Cleo was an owner surrender, so she has at least a little bit of experience living in a home and is ready to join a new forever family. If you think that might be yours, come in soon to meet Cleo!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Cleo PBT 1

Cleo is too adorable

Endor the two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix is a little cutie. He likes to give doggy hugs and loves getting pets and attention. Endor isn’t shy at all and happily greets new people who happen to walk by–and is even happier when they kneel down to his level for snuggles. Endor walks pretty well on the leash. He rarely pulls and mostly stayed just a step or two ahead of me.

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Endor 1

Endor being a good walking buddy

Endor had a fun time exploring the off-leash run. When he was done, he hopped up next to me on the bench so he could get more pets. He quietly and politely watched as other dogs walked by. Endor participates in play group and likes to play rough-and-tumble with the other energetic dogs, so he has the potential to go home with another dog. Stop by the shelter soon to meet cute Endor!

Orphans of the Storm Dogs: Endor 2

Endor would enjoy a yard to call his own

I also saw Bison.