Orphans of the Storm® Dogs Who Make Friends Easily

Thanks to play groups, we have a much better understanding of which dogs at Orphans of the Storm® get along with other dogs and which don’t. Right now, there are so many adoptable dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs. If you already have a pet at home and are looking to add another, here are just a few to consider–and there are plenty of others!

Bradshaw the seven-year-old Labrador Retriever mix is super sweet. He just wants to be loved, and has the most contented expression on his face whenever he gets pet. He particularly enjoys getting his sides and hips scratched, but anywhere really works for him! Bradshaw enjoys taking his time to explore around the yard, sniffing here and there before coming back to you to get more snuggles.

Bradshaw keeping an eye on things

Bradshaw is a very easy walking companion. He goes at a slow and steady pace and, since he’s older, he doesn’t need long walks. Bradshaw attends play group almost every day and enjoys the company of calm, mellow dogs like himself. This means he could go to a home with or without another dog. If you’ve been considering adding a sweet senior to your home, be sure to say hello to Bradshaw on your next visit to the shelter!

Bradshaw smiling while getting pet

Murdoch the one-year-old Border Collie mix is very easy-going. He’s a great walking companion who doesn’t pull at all on the leash and just stays one or two steps ahead of you. He occasionally stops to sniff around, but mostly trots along evenly. When Murdoch was in the off-leash yard, he poked a few toys with his nose but wasn’t too interested in chasing after them or playing fetch.

Murdoch showing off his blue eye and floofy tail

Murdoch started off by slowly exploring the yard, then got the zoomies and ran a couple laps with a happy doggy smile on his face. He’s a handsome, fluffy boy with one bright blue eye and he’ll definitely catch your attention as you walk through the kennels. Murdoch attends play group and likes being with other dogs, though other large males don’t always like him back. He could go to a home with or without another dog. If you’re looking for a go-with-the-flow kind of dog, come in soon to meet Murdoch!

Murdoch enjoying the trail

Roger the three-year-old Doberman Pinscher/Shepherd mix is a big, strong boy with a big heart to match. He is an excellent snuggling companion. Every time I sat down on a bench, Roger immediately stopped whatever he was doing and came over to lean against my legs and give me doggy kisses. He especially enjoys scratches on his sides, hips, and neck and will stand by you for as long as you keep petting him. Whenever we passed someone new on our walk, Roger gave them an enthused doggy hug and wanted to snuggle with them too.

Roger being a snuggle-bug

Roger likes to lead the way on walks and would probably do best with a front-clip harness to deter him from pulling. He did slow down the longer we were out on the trail, though. Roger regularly attends play group and gets along with both the calm, gentle dogs and the dogs who like to chase and play tag. He could go to a home with or without another dog. Visit the shelter soon to meet Roger!

Roger is so cute with his one floppy ear

I also spent some time with Eerie, Gazoo, and Oswald, but all three of them are shy little Chihuahuas who just wanted to be carried and cuddled rather than walk on their own, so I wasn’t able to get pictures–my hands were literally full!

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